How it works

Choose your goodies

Whether you are health enthusiasts, vegetarian, vegan or not, we can help. Our extensive range of the freshest and best quality seasonal produce won't disappoint! Sign up on 'Jim’s Home Fresh, if you aren’t already registered. Our interface allows quick placing of orders with few clicks. Hover over the 'Shop Now' link and choose the Value Boxes category. Add to the shopping cart.

Review your selection…

...and customize to your heart’s content (and taste-buds).  We understand customers need to have all the time in the world to review and make changes to their order. Navigating our website is a breeze, and you have the option to swap and customize the order items. Hover on the 'Shop Now' link at the top of the any page and choose your items. Click on the picture icon to get more detailed information on a product. Add to cart, whether one-time or add to your subscription order, select the quantity and proceed to checkout. Or continue shopping.... When you have finished, update the shopping cart for any changes, select your preferred delivery date, give any delivery instructions in the box and proceed to checkout.

Tell us where and when to deliver

Select your preferred delivery date before checkout. Orders before 11pm can be delivered in 48 hours. We deliver to the customer’s preferred location. Be it at workplace, home or anywhere else, we have got it covered! So our customers can relax, lie back and wait for us to deliver it to their doorstep, with a smile. Confirm your contact details and delivery address, so that you can excitedly look forward to the box arriving directly to you.

Subscription Recurring orders

For subscription recurring orders, you have full flexibility in the future orders. Via the person icon to access your My Account page, you can click on 'Manage Subscriptions' and then Manage Upcoming orders. You have then the option to either change the delivery frequency, pause the order, edit the quantity and skip any particular delivery.
If you wish to add to your subscription order, please browse the products you want to add, click on the actual product picture, and you can then choose to add to your existing subscription order, and it will be updated.

Dig in and Enjoy!

We bring the best mix of seasonal produce, fresh from the farmer’s table, right to the customer’s door. Input any discount voucher code you may have received, if any, and click Apply. Then select payment method on the final screen, and make payment. All done and confirmed.  Receive fresh quality produce, ready for your eating pleasure.