Who’s Handling Your Fruit and Veg?

There’s never been a more crucial time than now, to think about hygiene when it comes to our shopping. Even though you might be a smart shopper, take a moment to consider this:

The food you bring home could change hands hundreds of times, before it ends up in your hands.

Food handling not only happens during the picking and packing process. If you shop in-store, hundreds, if not thousands, of other people are also touching that same food. When it comes to pre-packaged, processed items, this may not be such an issue. However, fresh fruit and vegetables take much more of a beating (and a squeezing).

For example, 97% of Australians admit to giving avocados a good squeeze before buying. Did you know, people squeeze three times more fruit than they actually buy? So, by the time you get your fresh fruit and veg home, it’s hardly fresh at all.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a farmer’s market close by, or the time to go there. Venturing out to buy fruit and vegetables straight from the source, is not an easy option either. So how can you ensure minimal handling of your fruit and veg before it enters your home – and your stomach?

At Jim’s Home Fresh, our produce is handled as little as possible, and only when absolutely necessary. Jim’s Home Fresh don’t purchase online bulk quantities, without seeing the quality of the produce first-hand. Instead, we actually go to the farm gates and markets ourselves. This way we can personally inspect and hand-pick every piece of fruit and veg we sell.

From there, it comes straight back to the warehouse, where it doesn’t sit in storage for months. It’s efficiently packed in a temperature-controlled environment. All our packers wear gloves. Here, your fruit and veg is handled only once. And within 48 hours, the produce we select from the market is delivered to your door. No wandering grubby hands, no squeeze-happy avocado fiends!

Looking to minimise the amount of touching and handling of your food before it gets to you? It might be time to try Jim’s Home Fresh. We can also supply fresh food deliveries for aged care and schools or childcare centres. To find out more, and browse our range of fresh produce, visit our website.

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