Wax On Wax Off – Which Apple is Best?

We’ve all seen the flawless displays of shiny, waxed apples, stacked perfectly on top of each other without a scuff. If you shop for your fruit and veg anywhere other than farmer’s markets, this is probably what you’ve come to expect your apples to look like.

But the reality is, apples aren’t this shiny when they’re picked from the tree. In fact, most of the time, they’re not shiny at all.

Did you know, apples usually have a pretty long journey once they are picked, and before they end up in your shopping basket?  For up to 10 months, apples are kept in storage, waiting to end up on supermarket shelves. So how do they last so long without going rotten?

To keep apples fresh enough to eat when they finally make it to your basket, they have to go through a few processes. Naturally, apples produce a gas called ethylene, which is what helps them to ripen. In order to stop or slow this ripening process, the fruit is coated in wax. The wax prevents mould growth, ripening, bruising and dehydration. They are then stored in a controlled atmosphere, for up to 10 months!

This process means apples are sitting in a cryogenic state, so they still look suitable to sell in stores after all this time. And, while they may look fresh, does a 10-month old apple sound fresh to you?

When you purchase your apples from Jim’s Home Fresh, you can be certain your fruit hasn’t been stored for more than 48 hours at the most. Our fruit doesn’t sit in controlled atmospheres to prevent its natural aging process.

We personally take the trip to pick out the fruit, fresh from the market or farm. To ensure quality, we’ve already inspected the produce before it arrives at our warehouse. At the warehouse, we simply pack it, ready to deliver to your door. That’s all. No long storage times or waxing. Because our fruit doesn’t need it!

The season for fresh, juicy apples has just begun. So, there’s no better time than now to include apples in your Jim's Home Fresh box. Why not try some beautifully crunchy, fresh Royal Galas, or Pink Ladies?

And, leave wax in the carwash, where it belongs!

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