How to turn a Summer Lunch Box to a Healthy One for Fussy Children?

Packing a lunch box for kids during summer is one of the toughest tasks considering its healthiness for the fussy children. In fact, deciding the ingredients and their taste for the little ones, takes a lot of time. However, some prior considerations are sure to ease up the entire process of packing the yummy and healthy summer lunch box for your children. With this blog, let’s share some useful tips.

Being a parent of a kid is the most beautiful blessing of life. Definitely worrying about him/her to consume only the healthiest food is the obvious thing for you. And, when the concern is regarding the kid’s summer lunch box, you may feel completely perplexed. However, considering little about healthy ingredients, taste and preferences of the child with some creative ways of turning the food appealing for them, can definitely help in the creation of healthy lunch boxes for school.

Here to start with-

Inclusion of Seasonal Vegetables in Food Preparation

The best way to assure that your children eats his/her greens is by adding lots of vegetables especially the green vegetables in everything that you prepare. Well, it can be seasonal vegetables or greens that can be a part of every lunch meal preparation. Be it a vegetable burger, his/her favorite pasta, vegetable roll, fried rice or anything else you cook for the children, including green, seasonal and nutritive vegetables is the key to make sure your child consumes only healthy lunch at school. You can also try to beat the Summer Heat with Crock-Pot cooking and help them to eat healthily.

Citrus Fruit Additions

During summer, citrus fruits definitely serve a lot of benefits to health. Thus, packing some healthy and children’s favorite citrus fruit like oranges and grapefruit can do great. You can also consider adding some water-based fruits like grapes, kiwi, pomegranate and other that is high on nutritive values and definitely serves the purpose of hydrating them during hotter weather. Apart from being healthy and nutritive for kids during summer, they will like to relish sweet fruits during their lunchtime at school or daycare. To buy fresh fruit & veg online at ‘Jim’s Home Fresh’ with delivery service all across Melbourne, Australia.

Yogurt Smoothies to Beat the Summer Heat

Another healthy way-out to make your children's lunch box a healthier one during summers is by learning some healthy yogurt smoothie recipes and delight the little one. You can use airtight bottles to pack homemade yogurt smoothies regularly for their lunch. You can try out some healthy fruit and yogurt smoothie recipes. The use of different ingredients won’t just offer a different taste to the smoothies but will also give different colors to it that is appealing.

Seasonal Vegetable Sandwich on Alternate Days

One thing that most children love in their lunch box is their favorite sandwich. Just try to be different every time in preparing a sandwich as this will excite them to try out a new sandwich for lunch every time. Apart from the usual seasonal vegetable sandwich with high nutritive values, you can try out delighting your child with fruit and mayonnaise sandwich, leftover vegetable sandwich, broccoli and beans sandwich, chicken and cheese sandwich and more. No wonder, your child will love a tasty sandwich every time. Again, you can turn it more appealing by cutting it in different shapes and garnish with uniquely chopped veggies. Definitely, a little creativity can help you in creating recipes of healthy lunch boxes for school and daycare to delight your child.

Final Words- It is easy to fill little tummies with something but ensuring their tummy to be filled with healthy food is the greatest challenge as most of the healthy cooking doesn’t make into their list of a favorite food. Therefore, it is very vital to make healthy and nutritive food that also looks attractive and delicious to kids. And, when it is their summer lunch box, you need to be extra cautious regarding food freshness, nutritive balance, and hydrating factors. Hoping, these ideas for easy and healthy lunch boxes for school and daycare centers work great in making your child eat healthy at daycare and school lunchtime.

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