How To Cleanse Your Body Using Fresh Vegetable Juice

Have you ever felt bloated, constipated, sluggish or suffered a foggy state of mind? Who knows – the sugary treats, savoury pies and alcohol you binged on are still inside your system? Have you ever wondered how to cleanse your body after all the indulgences and excesses of partying? If yes, then read on to learn how to cleanse your body using mother nature’s gift – fresh vegetable juice.

What is a cleanse?

You can let out a sigh of relief, for you don’t have to live through the “hangover” induced by your culinary/alcohol indulgence. Nor do you have to enlist for an expensive spa treatment or any medical procedure. You can cleanse, detox, revive – whatever you want to call it – with simple ingredients easily available in your kitchen. Namely fresh, seasonal and easily-available vegetables.

The idea here isn’t drastic loss of weight through a cleanse, or starting a diet devoid of fiber, minerals and essential nutrients. In this blog, we will take you through the ways to cleanse your body using fresh vegetables to get the following results:

  • Help the liver flush out toxins.
  • Help the intestines, kidneys and skin do their part.
  • Improve circulation.

How to cleanse your body with something that has no fiber?

Bottled juices that have been pasteurized or manufactured in high-pressure chambers to kill microorganisms are devoid of fiber, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. But when vegetables are crushed or cold-pressed to extract their juice, their fiber as well as other nutrients remain intact. Juices retain soluble fiber but not the soluble fiber which means fiber absorption in the body is not impaired. Vegetable juice is assimilated quickly by the body and begins to work quicker in cleansing and healing than whole vegetables.

How to cleanse your body using carrot juice

Carrots are special because of their ability to add natural sweetness. Combat your sugar cravings by using carrot juice as a base in your favorite juice recipes. Carrot juice has been known to help with intestinal and liver health.

How to cleanse your body using celery juice

Celery has fiber that can keep us fuller for longer. If you’ve ever complained about water-weight or bloating, just give juiced celery a go! You can’t go wrong with celery as it is low on calories. It contains sodium and potassium, thereby acting as a natural diuretic – meaning, it stimulates the removal of uric acid and excess water from the kidneys through urination.

How to cleanse your body with beetroot juice

Beetroot is another super food that is naturally sweet, like carrots mentioned above. The hypnotic red-pink colored elixir you get after juicing it is perfect for pairing with fizzy drinks and bottled sugar-laden commercial fruit drinks. It is great on its own as well – fight the pesky sugar cravings with a glass of refreshing beetroot juice. There is talk of the amino acid “leucine” present naturally in beetroot being helpful in curbing body fat.

Now for some tasty combinations – How to cleanse your body with the following simple ideas:

Spicy and Zingy Drink – Combine 6 carrots, a quarter from a pineapple and a half each of chilli and lime. This juice is just delish. Super refreshing. Pineapple contains a digestive enzyme called bromelain that is good for digestion. The goodness of pineapple coupled with carrots is just great for detox. The chilli helps to jump start body metabolism while the citric acid in the lime supplements the digestive property of this cleanser.

Versatile Juice – Combine 6 carrots, a cup of spinach, a half of a beetroot and a couple of cucumbers. This drink is loaded with vitamins that stimulate the adrenal glands. Adrenal glands produce hormones that help to burn fat. Cleanse and heal your body with beta carotene, vitamins (B,C,D,E & K), fiber, chlorophyll, iron, zinc and folic acid!

Parsley Magic – Combine a beetroot, a handful of parsley, a lemon and a couple of carrots. This concoction has a magical effect of cleansing and giving a burst of energy at the same time! The Betaine in beetroot is good for the liver. The flow of bile in the liver is regulated and it breaks down fat more efficiently. Parsley is known to reduce bloating and help with indigestion. A hundred grams of parsley contains more than 250 milligrams of nitrates, making this drink a potent energy booster.

Please also refer to this wonderful article by HappyDIYHome Staff on how to grow and harvest this herb. 

 Harvesting Parsley

Ginger Wonder – Combine a thumb of ginger, a pear, a half of a lemon and 2 stalks of kale. Ginger will revitalize your metabolism, circulation and facilitate excretion of toxins. It also quickens the burning of fat by dilating blood vessels that make the body warmer. As if that wasn’t enough, it is also anti-cholesterol. The sorbitol in pears acts as a laxative, helping you to flush out toxins. Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Since our body mistakes nutritional deficiency for hunger, this is surely one of the best options to cleanse and fight hunger-cravings at the same time.


We hope you had some light bulb moments reading the ideas above. We also hope they will inspire you to think out-of-the box about how to cleanse your body using fresh vegetable juice. You can order fresh veggie box or a juice box in Melbourne at the best price from Jim’s Home Fresh. Fresh vegetable juice deserves to be seen in a new light – who knew of such simple ways to use its goodness to rejuvenate our body, spirit and mind? Do remember, learning how to cleanse your body using fresh vegetable juice is even more beneficial when you consider these bonus tips – quit smoking, drinking and other vices; practice yoga and meditation, go organic and reduce your carbon footprint. Now go and crush your cleansing goals!

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