Benefits of Organic Food – Lettuce Nut it Out

What are the Benefits of Organic Food?

Have you heard a lot about organic food, but don’t really know what sets it apart? Did you know there’s nothing new about organic food? Up until around the 1950s, organic food was the norm. Today, choosing to eat organic is a choice. Here are some of the benefits you can expect, when choosing organic food.

More Flavour

Many people will tell you the reason they eat organic produce is because it just tastes better. But if you think they’re simply imagining it, think again. The main reason organic food actually has more flavour than non-organic?  The fruit and vegetable plant roots have to grow further to get all the nutrients they need naturally. This means they produce more phytonutrients and flavonoids – in simple terms – they really do taste better.

Natural Pesticides

Fruit and vegetables produce something called phytochemicals. Phytochemicals naturally occur in plants. They act as a pesticide, helping to protect plants from insects. When synthetic pesticides are used, plants stop producing phytochemicals. But why does this matter? Studies have shown links between eating foods which are higher in phytochemicals, and lowering the risk of cancers, heart disease, blood pressure, and diabetes.

Natural Pesticides

Organic fruit and vegetables contain less preservatives than non-organic produce. This means they’re unable to be stored in warehouses for a long time. In turn, this means they’re fresher when they get to you. Because they’re fresh, many people notice the organic produce tends to last longer at home!

Better for the Environment

The amount of synthetic chemicals used in non-organic farming not only impacts our food, but also the environment. Organic farming reduces the amount of chemical run-off that can end up in waterways, and potentially damage other parts of our delicate ecosystem.

Where to Start?

As mentioned at the beginning, eating organic nowadays is a choice. There are many organic food options available today. Jim’s Home Fresh has a range of organic fruit and organic vegetables that can be delivered straight to your door. Order online, save time and enjoy safe, contactless home delivery.


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